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The Sticky Butt™ Bootcamp

Helping equestrians to become the balanced, confident rider your horse deserves!

Enroll Now to Get a "sticky butt" & feel secure in The saddle

What You will Learn with The Sticky Butt™ Bootcamp:

  • Achieve a deep seat ("the sticky butt") so you can have a velcro-like butt in the saddle and sit your horse when they spook or buck or pull an unexpected 180.
  • Get a steady leg: No more losing your stirrups or gripping with your knees or feeling insecure and unsafe in the saddle.
  • Master the art of applying this skill to ALL horse types and personalities no matter what saddle you choose: (Seriously. It can be a gaucho saddle, a jousting saddle or anything in between. You may or may not even apply this technique when riding camels or ostriches--just in case you wanted the option.)
  • Develop a deep relationship with your horse: Because let's face it... you can't fall off a horse that doesn't want to get you off! 
  • Set and achieve your riding goals: No more putting things off for "next year." 
  • Rebuild your confidence: Confidence is so easy to destroy and so hard to gain back once it's lost. That's why we've incorporated a lot of mindset techniques into what we do. Because you can't be a balanced rider if you lose it by going into fetal position every time you get nervous! 
  • Build a solid foundation so you can FINALLY start moving up in level: You'll wonder, "why isn't EVERYONE teaching and learning this?!" Because when you know it and finally unlock these simple and powerful exercises, you'll realize just how much you've been missing out on and why you felt "stuck" in your riding up until now. 
  • Master Phase 1 of our riding curriculum, the "Follow Your Horse" Phase.
  • ​Become secure in the saddle & less likely to fall off!
  • ​And much, much more...


-Kathie from Utah, USA

-Caroline from Australia

-Marja from Australia

"How this rider who nearly QUIT horses, is now winning at jumping shows!" 
A Sticky Butt Success Story, Watch our interview with Caroline from Australia below.

Sneak Peak into What You'll Learn In Each Module:

Week 1

"In the Saddle" Balance

  • Discover WHY you keep falling off. (So we can fix it.)
  • Get a deeper seat.
  • Find your balance "in the saddle." 

Week 2

"Out of the Saddle" Balance 

  • Discover why "out of the saddle balance" is more important than you think. (No I don't just mean walking on your own two feet!) 
  • Gain effective exercises to help stabilize your balance.
  • Find Out how this strange polo exercise can help your rider balance! 

Week 3

Balance with Reins

  • Discover how to stay balanced without relying on your reins (even if you subconsciously don't realize you're balancing on the reins!) 
  • Learn easy, practical exercises you can do off the horse to help become more asymmetrical and even no matter if you are right or left handed.
  • Find Out the truth about Bits in our "Bits Debunked" Bonus Training

Week 4

Canter Balance

  • Discover the main reasons your canter seat probably isn't working.
  • Learn how to perfect your walk to canter transitions.
  • Find out how to sit the canter and move with your horse's motion correctly.

Week 5

"Out of the Saddle Balance" In Canter

  • Discover effective exercises to help your canter seat while sitting in jumping or galloping position, while playing polo or riding on the trail up a big hill. 
  • Learn this SUPER SECRET super effective way to change your horse's and your confidence, emotional state and mindset INSTANTLY. 

Week 6

Super Secret Surprise

  • I'd tell you... but I don't want to ruin the surprise! Let's just say you'll thank me for it afterwards.
  • ​You'll also get plenty of previously recorded Student Critiques and lesson videos so you can learn off of others sessions and past coaching calls.

What if it takes me longer than 6 weeks to complete?

That's ok! Life happens. That is why you have lifetime access to this entire course. So you can watch it again 3 years from now and do it in your own time. We've had some students breeze through in 6 weeks, others took 6 months. It all depends on your experience level, how many times you ride each week and commitment to the program. Either way, we will help you get there in YOUR time!


Invest in the Sticky Butt Bootcamp Today to get these

Special Bonuses!


(Worth $2997)

Not only can you get a sticky butt, but so can your son, your daughter or your spouse! Enjoy this program together as you learn to get sticky butt's in the saddle. Share your riding videos in the group, jump on the coaching calls together and save money on your family member's tuition. 

3 Months Coaching Calls with Krystal

(Worth $600)

Jump on these group zoom calls with Coach Krystal and get the personalization you need and answer to all your questions and challenges. These sessions are fun, interactive and no two classes are ever the same! Or just bring a hot tea and listen to the other's as they ask their questions while Krystal deep dives into theory and personal stories to help you on your riding journey.

Rider Confidence Blueprint to Success

(Worth $199)

Mindset is a HUGE part of riding! That is why we have included these bonus exercises (which take as long as it takes to drink a cup of coffee!) to help boost your confidence and get into a positive mindset. 

Get Everything You Want In Life Goal Setting MAP 

(Worth $199)

Imagine being able to have not just success in riding, but success in business, relationships, finances, and more! This training alone has helped our students pay for this coaching program, manifest business relationships and help them find their dream horse and riding stable! 

Yoga on Horseback Exercises

(Worth $67)

Fun exercises focused on gaining flexibility and balance and core strength while in the saddle. These gentle exercises are great for ALL riders no matter your age, shape or size! 

Speaking the Horse Language Digital book

(Worth $9.99)

Understanding horse psychology is a huge part of getting a sticky butt in order to know how to avoid disconnecting with your horse. Build trust and a deep powerful bond with your horse with these fun games and groundwork and in the saddle exercises focused on relationship building. 

Mastermind Community


Stay accountable, share your videos, photos and questions and get the support, guidance and motivation you need to succeed. Use this group to get the help you need between the live training. 

Spooky & Naughty Horse Training

(Worth $49)

You can't have a sticky butt if your worried about your spooky or naughty horse trying to buck you off or scoot sideways 10 feet! It's important that while we are building our own rider confidence that we take the time to address our horse's needs and confidence. Because let's face it... you can't fall off a horse that doesn't want you off! 

"Hot Seats" 1:1 Video Evaluations of your exercises

(Worth $350)

Getting personalized feedback on your riding videos will help you achieve your goals faster than just trying to figure it out on your own! That's why we do video evaluations and critiques during your 6 week sticky butt bootcamp experience. 

Completion Badge (Mint Green) Upon Graduation

(Worth $199)

Have a clear path forward and move up the levels of our riding curriculum. Graduates of the Sticky Butt Bootcamp will get to submit their rider evaluation assessment videos and be able to receive their Level 2 Mint Green Badges to Qualify for Level 3!

Total Value: $7,143

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