How to become a world class rider... even if you don't have access to schoolmaster horses or fancy arenas!

Instantly Access over 21 World Class Equestrians in your Pocket!

  • Includes 21 Expert Speakers Interviews. Learn from the world's leading equestrians 
  • ​Gain valuable exercises for your horse and yourself so that you are never bored riding in mindless circles again
  • ​Start Winning Ribbons with these simple but effective methods 
  • Make riding and training FUN again!

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Do you ever wonder how the pro's make it look SO EASY?
You might ask yourself, "What is it that they know that I don't?!?!"

How to ride like a world class equestrian without spending 40 hours a week in the saddle?

Equestrians around the globe tell me:
👉 They often feel "stuck" in their riding
👉 Wonder what exercises to focus on
👉 Nothing they do seems to be good enough
👉 As much as they love them, their horse doesn't seem to trust them as much as they should
👉 Feel lost, frustrated & slow to progress in their riding
👉 Want to stop spinning in the hamster wheel and finally move up another level
👉 Want to HAVE FUN with their horses and not be bored going round and round in circles!
👉 Feel like things would be better or "different" if ONLY they had access to nicer facilities or schoolmaster horses

If any of these sound like you, then you're going to LOVE the International Equestrian Summit! We created this summit so that equestrians can build unshakeable relationships with their horses and be able to place at the top of their class. 

What if I told you that you are not alone.

Many equestrians face similar feelings of frustration and helplessness...

Until now.

International Equestrian Summit
Interviews with world class equestrians on how to improve your riding, confience & horsemanship by utilizing their biggest secrets, exercises, tips and strategies. 
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 21 World Class Equestrians from 6 Different Countries.

 9 Different Disciplines Represented.

 3 Speakers only started riding horses as ADULTS. (Proving you don't have to have ridden all your life to be world class!) 

Speakers Featured in

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What Do Others Think?

Almost in tears

I was almost in tears hearing Tik Maynard read about Bill Dorrance. THANK YOU! As a western rider I absolutely loved the dressage speakers and am excited to set up pole exercises. Every speaker had little light bulb moments going off. 
- Sherry. - Canada

Thinking on a whole different level! 

Tik mentioned different colors that horses see better than others and how that could be a small change to take into consideration. Thinking on a whole different level! David Lichman and Warwick Schiller always have something thoughtful to say. I also found the endurance rider Jessica interesting too. I didn't know much about endurance before today!
- Linda. - USA


The standout session for me was the one with Christian and you on ‘feel’. The example is the best explanation I’ve heard to connect the dots about what you need to feel to have the horse sitting and coming up and through in front. Thank you for your initiative- your virtual clinic was a welcome experience!
- Echo - Melbourne, Australia

This Is Why This Is Different


Look. I know. You've seen things like this before. And maybe you're wondering, "Is this really as it says it is?"

The answer is ... NO. 


Here's why:

This isn't some "I am a professional rider and you're not" type of thing. 

I could never afford horses of my own growing up. In fact, I could only take riding lessons twice a month for 10 years!  I didn't have access to fancy horses or expensive riding facilities growing up in California. I went through the uncertainties of not knowing if I would ever achieve my dreams of being a show jumping rider.

I know how it feels to be lost and overwhelmed. 

It was in those moments that I learned that horses don't care. They don't care what your gender is or how much money you have in the bank or what level your at. They don't care how many ribbons you've won or if you trained with Olympic coaches. They don't care if you ride them in a field or in a 10 million euro facility. 

If you want to learn how to float around an arena and never improve your riding, then this summit isn't for you!

"Good enough," isn't GOOD ENOUGH when it comes to our riding and skillset with our horses. Because we owe it to them to be the best we can be. 


It's about feeling your horse, being the best rider you can be with what you have, overcoming your challenges and struggles with confidence and forming an unshakable bond with your horse...

And do it the right way...

This is why I created the summit... to pay it forward.

...and for you to be able to say, "I am not ok with just being ok! I deserve to be a world class rider!" 

I am a world class rider today. And now I wan't YOU to be able to say the same!

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INTERVIEWS From Expert Equestrians around the globe
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Let Me Show You EVERYTHING You Get When You Order The International Equestrian Summit Today!

  • Instant Access to 21 Speaker Interviews 
  • ​Extra: Audio Downloads 
  • Private Facebook Community 
  • ​Bonus #1 Weekly Q&A Training Sessions with Krystal 
  • Bonus #2 Summit Workbook 
  • ​​Bonus #3 Lesson Planner 
  • ​​Bonus #4 Theory Training Workshop "Speaking the Horse Language"

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  • The most powerful way to Build Your Horses Top-line Muscles and Back
  • How these common rider mistakes might be greatly affecting your riding (and what exercises you can do to correct them!)
  • How to develop "feel" for your horse so that you can ride without looking down at which canter lead your on or if your horse is "sitting"
  • Exercises to develop more confidence in the saddle and lower any anxieties / worries and stress you may have about getting injured or falling off
  • Goal Setting practices that will double your results even with less time in the saddle than your neighbors 
  • ​Advanced techniques every equestrian should know if they want to move to the next level


  • Something for Every Discipline: Endurance riders, Dressage Riders, Jumpers, Trail Riders, Eventers, Pleasure Rides, Western Riders, Polo Players, of all levels can benefit from this summit! 
  • The Theory Behind it All: A mixture of Classical Riding, Natural Horsemanship and the Mindset, Science and Techniques behind being a better rider and partner with your horse.
  • Exciting New Perspectives: There is a universal language when it comes to horses and the answers you seek may come from different perspectives.
  • Put it Into Practice: We've got the answers to your problems, all you have to do is put what we teach to practice! 
How Every Equestrian Can Level Up Their Riding

Even with no access to fancy facilities, arenas or schoolmaster horses!

How do I access the videos?
You will instantly get access to our private membership area so you can start watching the videos and filling out your workbook IMMEDIATELY! 
Can I pay in different currencies?
Yes! Simply head to the checkout and pay as usual. Your bank will automatically convert the amount into your local currency. (Your bank may have some small conversion fees.)
Is this for all disciplines and riding levels?
Yes! These interviews will apply to you no matter what level your at in your riding, discipline or saddle you ride in. There are nuggets of wisdom and exercises for everyone. 
Is there a refund policy?
Absolutely! We offer a 7 day refund policy. 
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