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Get instant access to the 5 day challenge as soon as you enroll. This challenge was filmed in front of a live audience earlier this year and now you can watch the entire clinic in your spare time!
In this 5 Day Challenge you will get IN-CLASS TRAINING (Just like a 5-Day Clinic but done virtually from home) with practical exercises for you and your horse! 

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Tell me if any of these sound familiar...

You lose your stirrups...

Your Leg involuntarily pushes forward into "Chair Seat..."

You can't feel if you're doing it right or not...

You "bounce" in the saddle and don't feel in control of your body...

You feel unstable and want more connection with your horse...

Your horse gets bored, spooky, or nervous when you ride & you feel overwhelmed, frustrated and not completely confident in your abilities...

My Name is Coach Krystal Kelly

This is my personal invite for you to join something I call The Steady Leg Challenge...

Because you answered "YES" to any of the questions above, then I know something about you...

You have the desire to do BIG THINGS...

You don't want to settle with just being "average"...

And you know the right way to do that is with mastering the fundamentals and getting more balance in the saddle!

But, a few simple things are holding you back. . .and it isn't happening as quickly as you'd like.
Here's the TRUTH:
What do all the professional riders have in common?
They all mastered the fundamentals.

Not just that, they have steady legs which remain centered underneath them.  

From professional show jumpers… to grand prix dressage riders. 
Me, personally? I have jumped over 1.40m jumps…and have also been launched & thrown from my horse--not always gracefully--more times then I can count. 
It took me a long, long time to figure this out. 

I used to fall off time and time again…and found myself going to the hospital YET AGAIN or trying to get my swollen, injured leg to fit inside my boots! 
It wasn’t until I stopped trying to look pretty in the saddle…and really focused on correct rider and horse biomechanics that things started to really change for me. 

Suddenly, I had a sticky butt in the saddle and could jump bigger fences and ride higher level horses… in fact, no matter what horse I rode, these methods worked. 

High-level equestrians pay me $10,000's or more for me to privately expose some of my secrets.
Best Part?
My steady leg has given me the balance I needed to move up in levels at rapid speed. Every single time. 

Now, I want to help you do the same...

In 5 Days You'll Have A Steadier Leg 
& More Balance in the Saddle...

In this 5 Day Challenge you will get IN-CLASS TRAINING (Just like a 5-Day Clinic but done virtually from home) with practical exercises for you and your horse! You can watch the videos instantly upon enrollment and start taking advantage of this virtual training from home in your spare time.
Enrollment for this 5 Day Challenge is Currently Open. 


Step 1: Join the Challenge

Are you ready to take your riding to new levels and FINALLY get the steady leg you need to jump bigger jumps, ride better horses and do more complicated patterns and movements? Join the Steady Leg Challenge! 

Step 2: Commit for 5 Days

Spend 45-minutes to 1 full hour with me every day for 5 days and see the exact strategies behind getting a steady leg - from rider position, confidence, and feeling your horse like you never have before! 

Step 3: Do the Exercises on Your Horse

Every day I'll show you the step-by-step exercise plan for you to take to the barn and try it out on your horse! You'll leave each day feeling more confident and secure in the saddle with an easy-to-follow blueprint that has helped 10,000+ students! 

Step 4: Get Results Daily

Be fully immersed in the process! By the end of class, you'll have a better feel for your horse, more connection, better balance and a stable and secure leg! Plus, keep the momentum going even after our time together.

What Will I Learn?

Day 1

 How to shave YEARS off your riding goals. Shattering various riding myths & misconceptions.

Day 2

 Correct Rider Biomechanics & How to Apply It to Your Riding.

Day 3

 Leveraging YOUR body type and age.

Day 4

 My Framework for a "Velcro-Butt" in the Saddle.

Day 5

 How to overcome your riding fears & gain more confidence in the saddle.

Bonus Day 6

 Bonus Q&A Session.
When you register today for the Steady Leg Challenge, you will get immediate access to these bonuses...

Access to our Entire 5 Day LIVE Challenge

(Worth $97)

Jump in on the zoom calls with Coach Krystal Kelly and participate in each class. Can't make it live? No problem. You can watch the recordings for up to 24 hours each day of the challenge in your own free time and simply post your #homework in the group anytime with the other challengers.

Horse & Rider Biomechanics Exercise Workbook:

(Worth $17)

This will break down the science behind what is correct for you and your horse in a simple, easy to understand way. Print it, put it in a binder and fill it out so you can take notes and bring to the stable with you to reference again and again.

Completion Digital Badge

(Worth $4.99)

All challenge finishers will receive one of our cool collectable badges! It's important to celebrate our success and after our 5 day challenge you'll get this awesome badge to share your success with family and friends. Add it to your Level Progress Tracker, print it and stick it or share it on social media. 

Private Mastermind Group


Stay accountable, share your videos, photos, #homework and questions so you can get the support, guidance and motivation you need to succeed. Use this group to get the help you need between the live classroom training sessions. 

Q&A Session

(Worth $47)

Every horse and every rider is different. If this stuff was "easy" everyone would be an Olympic rider! That's why this Bonus Live Q&A session will be hosted after the challenge is finished, to follow up with your journey and help guide you and your horse in the right direction.

Video Critique Opportunities on Your Riding Videos

(Worth $50)

Challengers will receive personalized feedback, video evaluations and critiques each day during the challenge! Simply submit your riding videos of you doing the exercises inside our private group and you will have the opportunity to get feedback on your riding exercises.

What If There Was A Way To Have a Stable & Steady Lower Leg, More Connection with Your Horse & Better Balance In As Little As 5 Days...

Meet Your International Coach

Krystal Kelly is currently the ONLY Certified FEI Level II Show Jumping Coach from the USA. She has trained around the world with Olympic riders and horses and has spent more than $500,000 developing herself as a professional equestrian over the past 20 years. She is a best-selling author, public speaker, certified yoga instructor, award-winning videographer, and clinician specializing in horse & rider biomechanicsShe left her home in California in 2010 to begin her life working internationally with horses and has worked in 20+ countries on 5 continents with Grand Prix show jumping horses, dressage horses, endurance horses, polo ponies and more. She's coached thousands of students across the globe to Speak the Horse Language, Get Sticky Butts in the Saddle and has a passion for empowering equestrians to become world-class riders. 

We've Helped 10,000+ Students In Over 146 Countries!!!

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Your Challenge Questions Answered!

Is this training live?
This challenge was recorded live in 2022. Once you sign up for the challenge you will have instant access to all of the recordings for the challenge which was filmed live earlier this year. 
What can I expect? 
During these 5 days we will be working closely together to achieve your goal. You will have classroom theory sessions as well as be given valuable exercises as "homework" to take out to the barn and try on your horse that same day! When it comes to horses, you can't just watch a video or read a book. You have to actually get in the saddle and be able to apply what you've learned! Then we will come back into the classroom again the next day and discuss your discoveries.
What riding level do I need to be?
That's the beauty of this challenge! If you are a beginner rider... you need a quiet leg! If you are an intermediate rider... you need a quiet leg! And if your an experienced rider... YOU NEED A QUIET LEG! We go in depth about rider and horse biomechanics so there is something to learn no matter your discipline or experience level. 
Is this training only for Jumpers?
No! We focus on horse and rider biomechanics and science-backed, proven techniques. Correct riding is correct riding, regardless of what tack you use or discipline you ride. We will discuss how the Quiet Leg can be achieved in all styles of riding. 
What if my horse is green? Can I still do this challenge?
Absolutely! In fact, it's essential to training a younger, inexperienced horse how to balance themselves correctly... by being balanced riders ourselves! We cannot expect our horses to be balanced and centered if we are lacking.
What if I have old knee / leg / hip / joint injuries or aches and pain?
When you learn how to ride correctly, you will often notice a huge relief in your joints and abilities. In fact, many rider's who are tense, stiff or having aches and pains will find that learning these techniques can release tension! That is because when you ride out of alignment or stiff, bracing, gripping or locking of the joints, you can cause more damage and tension to your body unnecessarily. Riding, when done correctly, is actually an excellent sport for people with old joint issues as it doesn't cause a lot of strain compared to other sports!
Enrollment for this 5 Day Challenge is Currently Open. 


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