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When I was 12 years old I thought I was such an amazing rider. I was jumping 3 ft 3 fences, going to competitions in California where I grew up and scooping up ribbons left and right. My instructor praised my talent and riding skills and I seriously thought that if I kept down this same path, it was going to be a piece of cake for me to get to Grand Prix show jumping.

It wasn’t until I was older, working in Europe at professional Grand Prix show jumping stables, riding with the big boys that I realized… 

I had been a medium-sized fish in a very small pond. I had ridden only made horses, and if I’m honest all those blue ribbons I hung on my wall I had competed against 1 maybe 2 other riders at best. I could have knocked every pole down and had one refusal and STILL made it on the podium.

I had been playing small without even realizing it. And it wasn’t until I left the USA and started working and riding horses of high caliber with top coaches and riders and going to competitions with 80 other horses all at their peak performance entering ONE class that I realized how small I had been playing all along. 

So I decided to change my game. I started riding ONLY the best horses. I started training with the best coaches at the best riding facilities. In Romania for example, the stable where I rode each and every day cost 10 million euros just to build it. And that was just the cost of the facilities, don’t get me started on the cost of every horse in the stalls.  

Throughout this process of leveling up my game, traveling the world working for the best, I started to notice quite a few similarities in the training and styles of these top athletes. 

I noticed patterns, a system hidden between the lines, not easily visible to the naked eye. Because I worked at these stables, I got to see “behind the scenes” at their REAL training strategies and methods, not the stuff they showed to the public or for their wealthy customers a few times a week. This was the real deal. The stuff not everyone had access to. 

I wondered why this kind of knowledge hadn’t been available to me before. I thought of all the riders back home in California that could benefit greatly from this knowledge, and yet these top riders were so unwilling to share it, not wanting to give their competitors an edge against them in the show ring. 

That’s when I began developing my own systemized training plans and methods, honing into what I had learned all those years behind closed doors at the best stables in the world. I took my various certifications in the equestrian field, my yoga teacher certification, my FEI II certification and I hatched a plan. To build an army of world class equestrians.

I decided that I wouldn’t hold back information, wouldn’t keep this knowledge all to myself, and instead it's my mission to create world class riders around the world. I want to raise the standards of the sport. I want to level the playing field and I want to give these top riders a reason to shake in their boots. Because we are coming for them. And it all starts here. 

- Coach Krystal Kelly

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What You’ll Get:

 Step By Step Training Curriculum

Our 3 core pillars to get you from where you are now to living your equestrian dream are covered in our core training modules. 1) Mindset 2) Relationship Building 3) Rider Balance Training

 Print Workbook Mailed to Your Door 

Your "Road Map" to Success. This is where you'll find your "homework" exercises, checklists, structured training plans & after lesson reflections to fill out and keep track of your progress. 

 Done-For-You 12 Week Training Plan

Never be in doubt what you're working on every time you ride. All you have to do is "Wax On, Wax Off." 

 1:1 Coaching Feedback on All Your Submitted Riding Videos

You are unique, your horse is unique. Using technology to our advantage we can get extremely technical when evaluating your riding videos. Not only can you get world class critiques but for the first time ever you can see EXACTLY what it is you're doing and how to improve it. 

 Riding Masters Level II Certification of Completion Upon Graduation

Frame it, hang it up in the tack room at the barn, or simply brag about it. Either way, you've earned it. 

 "God-Mode" Access to Our Horse Riding Lessons App

You know you're royalty. Your horse basically walks on water. Heads turn everywhere the pair of you go. It makes sense that you'd have divine access to all the hidden features inside our App. Shh... don't tell anyone. 

 Clients Only Facebook Group Mastermind

Exclusive access to our mastermind of likeminded forces of nature in the equestrian world. 

Limited-Time Bonuses:

 1:1 Signature Momentum Calls with Your Own Personal Accountability-Coach

We all know how much your first weeks' excitement can fizzle out once the "work" sets in. With our accountability coaches you will keep the momentum going so you can stay focused and on track from start to finish. 

 Free Ticket to Our Live Workshop at our Private Show Jumping Stable in Spain (Either In-Person or Virtually)

Stunning views, medieval architecture, wine, horses, exclusive parties and yes, big jumps... ummm, yes please! 

 2 Weekly Live Group Classroom Calls with Coach Krystal

Twice a week Coach Krystal jumps on live video calls to deep-dive into Horsemanship and Rider Related Topics. She'll answer questions, discuss a variety of interesting (sometimes debatable) topics, and critiques rider videos as well as sharing her own riding updates with her young show jumping mare in training. 

 Get Paired with an Accountability Partner (Also doing the Program) 

Having a cheerleader in your corner is the fastest path to success. Especially having someone whose going through the same journey and process as you.

 Risk-Free Guarantee

If Your Horse Is Lame or You Can't Ride Due to Injury For an Extended Period We Will Add Extra Weeks to the End of Your Program


FEI II Coach Krystal Kelly

Ok, so this picture of me jumping a horse at a competition in Romania (where I was the only USA rider) may be a bit out of date... but at 22 years old, iPhones & "selfies" didn't exist. 

I worked mostly for private show jumping stables, and by that I mean Billionaires and Sheiks (with a Capital B!). Their private stables and horses were not exactly accessible to the public and it would not have been appropriate for me to have videoed myself working and riding their private horses. Sharing videos would have been a big no-no. 

The billionaires and sheiks knew about me because I was the "ballsy" 20-year-old, single, blonde booking flights to Iraq and Cairo during an Egyptian revolution. I worked in countries most others wouldn't dare go: India, Iraq, Romania to name a few (not really countries most people think of going for elite show jumping) and showing up in-person and proving to them that I wasn't just "all talk" but that I could PROVE IT. 

They were so impressed with my skills that they hired me because they knew my quality was better than others they'd hired before. From there it was mostly word of mouth. Once you're in with the super exclusive Billionaire crowd, you're in.

This is a picture of me now with the view from my stables and riding arena, sitting atop my young show jumping mare, Zefira at my private jumping yard in Spain. This exclusive locale was selected purposefully due to our proximity to the winter show jumping circuit here in Spain where the top riders flock each year from all over the world to compete. The nice thing about owning my private yard in Europe is the easy access to competitions in France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands and more. 

I am the only FEI II Coach from the USA, among my various other equestrian certifications, which is the perfect example of how badly I am bitten by the "over-achiever-bug," something I am told there's no cure for. This over-achiever-ness has led me to travel to over 65+ countries, working professionally with top show jumping horses & riders in over 20 of them. 

On my travels to the farthest corners of the Earth, I discovered that there's a huge gap between what the pro Grand Prix trainers & coaches know that the "rest" don't. Because of this, I dedicated 18 years in the industry perfecting and crafting a solid training plan and rider curriculum that I believe bridges the gap at getting amateur riders to gain the same skills & abilities as the professionals. 

Essentially, I'm leveling the playing field. 


What Do Our Clients Have To Say?

Name: Courtney from Arizona

Results: From Bucking Horse to Half Passes

Name: Ellie from France

Results: Becoming an International Show Jumper Before Age 60! 

Name: Christina from Canada

Result: Had already done eventing up to 1.30m but just couldn't seem to move up in levels & felt "trapped." As a result of working with us, for the first time in her career used her body CORRECTLY (Abs anyone?) 

Name: Lisa from AZ

Result: Lacking "Technicality" prior to us, which we fixed. Now she's a classier, more technical rider able to get her horse to do fancy movements without having anyone else ride her horse for her. 

Our Method Has Already Helped
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FREE Video Evaluation of Your Riding from Coach Krystal

You are unique. Your horse is unique.

Your story, situation, and history are unique. 

Horse rider training shouldn't be "one-size-fits-all." An online course doesn't do it justice. That's why personalized feedback, coaching and training plans built around YOUR specific needs, goals, struggles AND horse is the basis for everything that we do. 

When you book your Discovery Call with our team of specialists today, we will get a feel for where you are in your current riding level, goals and challenges and from there, if you qualify to work with us, you will then be given the chance to get a FREE 1:1 video evaluation and deep-dive strategy call from Coach Krystal herself. 

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Here’s EVERYTHING You’ll Get...

#1: Step By Step Training Curriculum

#2: Print Workbook Mailed to Your Door (Your "Road Map" to Success)

#3: Done-For-You 12 Week Training Plan 

#4: 1:1 Coaching Feedback on All Your Submitted Riding Videos

#5: Riding Masters Level II Certification of Completion Upon Graduation

#6: "God-Mode" Access to Our Horse Riding Lessons App

#7: Clients Only Facebook Group Mastermind

We are so confident our process will work for you... we guarantee that you'll move up at least 1 competition level minimum or we'll continue working with you 1-on-1 for free until you do...

Limited Time Bonuses:

#1: 1:1 Signature Momentum Calls with Your Own Personal Accountability-Coach

#2: Free Ticket to Our Live Workshop at our Private Show Jumping Stable in Spain (Either In-Person or Virtually)

#3: 2 Weekly Live Group Classroom Calls with Coach Krystal

#4: Get Paired with an Accountability Partner (Also doing the Program) 

#4: Risk-Free Guarantee: If Your Horse Is Lame or You Can't Ride Due to Injury For an Extended Period We Will Add Extra Weeks to the End of Your Program

We are so confident our process will work for you... we guarantee that you'll move up at least 1 competition level minimum or we'll continue working with you 1-on-1 for free until you do...

This offer is available for a limited-time only

If you decide to work with us on your riding, here's what we'll focus on:

Phase One: The Rider

While most methods of moving riders up the levels are slow & unpredictable, using the same random exercises for all their students each week regardless of your unique needs, we use a series of systemized exercises specifically designed to leverage horse and rider biomechanics to get you results fast.

Using these structured rider training plans, we’re able to zero in on EXACTLY where the "holes" are in your riding fundamentals. With this method you are improving your riding and progressing with EVERY ride.

You can begin using our strategy to break old bad riding habits, implement new, correct muscle memory so you no longer hinder your horses training, (and can actually help them.)

Phase Two: The Horse

While most instructors focus on what the horse is doing, neglecting the rider's ability to actually methodically and systematically train their own horse, we do things differently.

We use our “Cross Training Method” to transform you from needing to hire trainers to ride your horse to keep them at their peak performance into being the trainer & rider your horse deserves so you can get them to move up in levels on your own without needing anyone else to ride them for you.

Using the methodology outlined above, our clients have been able to train their horses to do their first ever film-worthy half pass, flying changes, & get their horses to be impulsive, collected and adjustable over fences...

This offer is available for a limited-time only

How Much Does it Cost to Work with You?

Pricing ranges from $2,000 to $50,000 depending on the level of service and help you’re looking for. Book a call to speak with one of our advisors and we’ll help you to find the best solution for your budget and goals.  We have various payment plans available for serious equestrians looking to get started at any level (including our highest levels of In-Person Coaching hiring our competition horses in Spain for a European tour) for as little as $650/month for a payment plan. If you feel you qualify, please let our advisors know. 

FOR SUPPORT ISSUES OR QUESTIONS, PLEASE EMAIL: info@theinternationalequestrian.com

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