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Krystal Kelly
FEI II COACH, CEO The International Equestrian
Krystal Kelly is an award winning videographer featured in the Equus Film Festival, a best-selling author, and has been featured in countless podcasts, articles, as well as Horses Magazine (USA), Horse Blaze Magazine (India) Horsemanship Magazine (UK) and many others. Also a Founder of Equestrian Adventuresses, Krystal is on a personal quest to travel the world by horseback.

Originally from California, Krystal left the USA in 2010 to pursue her career as a top show jumping rider, trainer and coach. She is the only certified FEI II coach from the USA and has worked with horses on 5 different continents and in more than 20+ countries. She is passionate about helping riders of all disciplines be the best riders, coaches and trainers they can be for their horses. 
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