Welcome to The International Equestrian LLC where we specialize in leveraging training plans proven to move riders & horses up the levels in a systematic way to the highest levels of the sport. I have dedicated my career to coaching riders to reach their fullest potential by  implementing structure into their riding routines. I achieve this with our various Personalized Virtual Coaching Services that Get RESULTS. With my expertise & guidance my students have achieved great success in the competition ring, even ranking #1 on the National circuit. 

Schooling 5 year old "Zefira" at an FEI competition in Spain where Coach Krystal lives full time.


Californian living in Europe
One of the BIGGEST issues with most equestrian's ability to advance and progress through the levels is due to a lack of a PLAN. 

It's not your fault! 

9 out of 10 Equestrian Centers & Horse Riding "Instructors" (Watch our video here about the difference between "instructors" and coaches) don't have a step-by-step training plan to implement with their students in order to achieve consistent and predictable results. 

They Google horse riding exercises off the internet, pick pretty pole exercises they found on Instagram or possibly pick up a book with horse riding exercises from their local tack shop to "test" on their clients. 

But for the most part, the biggest issue in the equestrian industry is a lack of proven system and step-by-step training plan.

That's where we come in. 

We do horse rider training differently. We believe in having proven systems, training plans and a routine to help move horses and our clients through the levels. That's how we've managed to help thousands of ambitious amateur equestrians around the world to do what their friends at the barn can't. 

And I'm going to show you how to do it with our unique coaching intensives that leverage technology, biomechanics, mindset practices and the power of a PLAN to get you and your horse the results you crave. 

Back in 2010, I replaced poor riding instruction & a lack of systems with a simple, easy to follow plan. 

The result? I was able to work with some of the best horses in the world. Grand Prix Show Jumpers and Dressage Riders could hand me their top horses and I could ride them without embarrassing myself and looking like an idiot. 

Not only that, I could actually work the horses correctly, to the very high standards of my Olympic employers. (Something very few of their employees got the chance to do.) 

Since then, I developed my own unique rider training curriculum to help my clients around the world implement what I've learned in their own training plans.

My latest book, The Ambitious Equestrian, reveals every step of the process. If you're new to my world, this is where I recommend you start! 

I wrote this book to help you determine: "Is THE INTERNATIONAL EQUESTRIAN TRAINING METHODS right for me?"

And, if our style is a good fit for you, The Ambitious Equestrian can become your step-by-step guide to assessing your current level and mapping out how to get to the next level. That's why we've included plenty of rider assessments and workbook exercises inside our book, to help you establish exactly where you are NOW so you can plan out WHERE TO GO NEXT! 

This is the very first time I've revealed many of the methods I have used over the years to move countless horses up the show jumping levels and more specifically, to help my clients move to greater heights than they ever dreamed possible for themselves. 

It all starts with our book, The Ambitious Equestrian. Click Here to Order Your Copy. 





3, 6 & 12 Month Online Coaching Services

Join the program that has generated
a structured way to get you past that 1m-1.20 glass ceiling by leveraging a trademarked (super secret) & powerful methodology.

I would get in so much trouble if the best riders in the world knew I was giving you this information. After all, they want to be the ones on the podium. 

The fastest, most effective, and easiest way to move up in riding level is to rebuild a solid rider foundation based on correct biomechanics, science and proven exercises that build the RIGHT muscle memory… and inside our 3 month, 6 month & 1 Year Coaching Programs, we will take you by the hand and help you transform your riding so you can become the rider your horse truly deserves.

Riding Masters Certification Virtual Academy

Join the program that has generated
10x's more independent seat, leg & rein effectiveness, confidence, rider strength & balance in the saddle for its clients.

Because the fastest, most effective, and easiest way to move up in riding level is to rebuild a solid rider foundation based on correct biomechanics, science and proven exercises that build the RIGHT muscle memory… and inside our Riding Masters Certification Virtual Academy, we will take you by the hand and help you transform your riding so you can become the rider your horse truly deserves.


Krystal Kelly

With over 

19 Years Experience

Coaching My Private Clients…
Riding & Training Horses worth well over


And teaching over 10,000+ horse owners how to successfully get off the "rider's plateau," into the show ring & competing against the Big Boys with style & panache. I promise, I’ve seen and done it all!

My methodology is a mixture of 


and once you’re in the International Equestrian Club, you’ll get the benefit of all the wisdom and knowledge I’ve developed over the years!


We have clients getting results in every equestrian space imaginable. Our clients are endurance riders, jumpers, dressage riders, polo players, hobby riders, western riders, instructors, trainers... 

We Wrote a Book About...

How to Implement the Secrets of Grand Prix Riders to Achieve Your Wildest Riding Goals.

 (In Your Free Time!)

Most people believe that the only way to achieve the higher levels is to invest in $10,000 saddles, import another horse from Germany, and spend 1,000 hours a week riding. But with the right exercises & training plans in place, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Our clients typically spend just 3-5 hours a week  riding 1 or 2 horses (and still getting results!)

Inside our book, "The Ambitious Equestrian" we reveal our entire methodology.

Get your copy today for just $4.99

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Join our fast-growing group of likeminded equestrians.

Inside, you’ll find a community of active & engaged horse owners looking to break free from the "rider's plateau" & achieve their most ambitious riding goals.

Ask questions, make friends, & get weekly updates & training directly from the founder of The International Equestrian, Coach Krystal Kelly.

Natural Horsemanship + Other Badges For You to Collect

Learning is so much easier when you're having FUN! That's why we have more and more badges for you to collect for our other online programs and pop-up workshops and virtual seminars. 

Learn With Us

With Our Online Courses, Coaching Programs & Products


Horse Riding Lessons App

Step-by-step riding instruction and fun exercises to do with your horse to spice up your rides. Listen and follow along to the guided audio riding instruction as you ride your horse and complete the different cross-training exercises. Also includes classroom theory and trouble-shooting tips and strategies as well as the chance for video evaluations, all without expensive coaching and trainer fees.

Sticky Butt Bootcamp
(All Riders of All Levels Welcome)

Looking for 1:1 coaching, video feedback on your riding videos, personalized coaching and an actual HUMAN BEING (not just an online course) to help you achieve your riding goals? If you've felt "stuck" in your riding or like you can't move up in levels no matter what you've tried in the past, book a FREE 1:1 strategy call with our team to find out an actionable training plan that might work for you and your horse's needs.

3 month, 6 month & 1 year 1:1 Coaching Intensives

Looking for more 1:1 virtual coaching, video critiques, and personalized training plans that are unique to your needs? Serious about your goals and ready to invest your time, money and to do whatever it takes to succeed? Let's talk! 

Personalized Coaching & Mentoring with FEI II Coach Krystal Kelly

Level 3 & Level 4 (Navy + Arctic Blue)

Level 5 (Medallion Gold)

Apply for VIP coaching with Coach Krystal Kelly and get personalized lesson and training plans, jump in on calls, and get the support and mentorship you need to go to the next level. You will get regular video critiques and assessments as well as the opportunity to attend in-person training and events in Europe, the USA, the UK and more. 

Our Books & Online Courses

Show Jumping Guide To: Training Plan WorkBook Series


Unlock the secrets to perfect distances, impeccable jumping position, and competition-ready balance! The Show Jumping Guide To paperback book series offers a structured, step-by-step plan for riders. Improve your warm-ups, master key jumping challenges each week, and maximize the time to work on yourself during your cool-downs. Order your own custom Training Plan as paperback books now. Click the button below.

The Ambitious Equestrian Book + Audiobook


In this book we unlock why you've been feeling "stuck" in your riding and how you can use our simple method to break through the "Rider's Plateau" and skyrocket your transformation to become the rider your horse deserves! 

Speaking the Horse Language Book

Build a relationship with your horse by better understanding horse psychology. This book is a great starting point to horsemanship and is very complimentary to our online course. A quick read, this book is perfect for those who want things broken down in simple, easy to understand concepts. Available on Amazon Worldwide.

Speaking the Horse Language Online Course

Relationship Building & Gaining Trust & Confidence

Build a relationship with your horse with groundwork and in the saddle games & exercises. Get your spooky horse to have more trust and confidence in you. Understand horse psychology. Fix naughty behavior. 

21 Speakers - 3 Day Virtual Clinic

Mindset, Theory, Inspiration, Motivational

Looking for motivation, inspiration and techniques from a variety of world class trainers and coaches all from the comfort of your home? These speaker presentations from expert trainers, instructors, life coaches, riders, athletes, competitors, and educators will help give you a global outlook on horses, horsemanship and the importance of our mind, body and spirit. 

Open Ear Equestrian Wireless Headset


Looking for an easy way to listen to our audio lessons, music or hear your coach from across the arena & still be able to hear outside sounds? Connects with any phone via bluetooth without ear discomfort and fits perfectly with your helmet.
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