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Right now, the amount of “noise” and mixed information on your news feed is greater than ever before, and with new "online horse guru's" and different social media platforms on the rise… it’s getting harder and harder for equestrians to know who the real experts are and what training methods to use.

The equestrian industry has never seen such an overflow of instant information and it doesn’t matter if you’re trying to master not bouncing in the saddle or perfecting 5ft fences and canter pirouettes, the inconsistent information online has reached an all time high.

Let's be real though.

Even in "normal times" horse riding has never been easy! It requires a lot of balance, mental strength, training, fortitude, determination and skill. 

Mastering the Art of Riding can be

For most people, riding is both exhilarating and terrifying.
It’s a mixed bag of feelings…

… if the stars and planets align, your horse and you feel like "one."
… if they don’t, your lying face down in the dirt wondering what went wrong.

It feels a bit like gambling with your emotions.

Some days you're on top of the world, others you're questioning your abilities and why spend so much time and money on a hobby that doesn't seem to love you back.

If you've been riding horses for more than a day, you know how hard it can be to get it right.
Here's the TRUTH:
There are HUNDREDS of micro-decisions we have to make every single time we step into the saddle.
Is my leg too far forward?

Is my horse on the correct bend?  

Should I do another circle?

Is this a good rhythm to approach the next jump?

Are my hands applying too much pressure?

Was that a good enough half halt?

Is my horse pushing from behind?
Because they can be the difference between a horse-rider combination that "CLICKS"… and one that leaves you face up in the dirt.

With so much potential for…

failed dressage tests or jumping courses, rails down, and expensive training fees,

…who wants to bet their whole ride on doing the same old same old, hoping that today's ride things MAY OR MAY NOT work?

If the thought of losing time, energy, and draining your money on gadgets and things that clearly don't work, leaves you feeling helpless, vulnerable, and a little nauseous...


With over 

17 Years Experience

Coaching My Private Clients…
Riding & Training Horses worth well over


And teaching over 10,000+ horse owners how to successfully get sticky butts in the saddle, master the art of speaking the horse language and progressing in their riding. I promise, I’ve seen and done it all!

My methodology is a mixture of 


and once you’re in the International Equestrian Club, you’ll get the benefit of all the wisdom and knowledge I’ve developed over the years!

Sticky Butt Completion Badges + Level 1 & 2 Certification Badges

Our bootcamp is the ONLY way to get Level's 1 & 2 (since it's the fundamentals, foundation and basis for EVERYTHING.)

Sticky Butt Bootcamp Members: You can find information how to collect your badges inside the bootcamp course material.

Certification Badges: Once you've collected all 6 Sticky Butt Badges, you may send in your riding videos to get assessed. If you pass, you'll get the certification badges. 

Level 3 & 4 Certification Badges

Our Guided Audio Riding Lessons as well as our VIP Inner Circle Coaching is the best way to get your Certification Badges for Level 3 & 4 of our Rider Training Curriculum. 

Guided Audio Lesson Members: You can find information how to collect your badges inside the audio membership site by logging in now on the top of the page. 

Certification Badges: Once you've collected all 6 Guided Audio Discipline Specific Badges, you may send in your riding videos to get assessed. If you pass, you'll get the certification badges. 

Natural Horsemanship + Other Badges For You to Collect

Learning is so much easier when you're having FUN! That's why we have more and more badges for you to collect for our other online programs and pop-up workshops and virtual seminars. 




For horse owners who want tried-and-true, trustworthy riding and training advice at their fingertips so they can have certainty in developing thier own lesson plans, build a stronger relationship with your horse and never want to be left alone to figure out tricky riding strategies on their own again!

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Perfect for


  • Dressage Riders
  • Jumpers
  • Endurance & Trail Riders
  • ​Western Riders
  • ​Beginners, Intermediate Riders & Advanced
  • ​Green Horses, School Master horses, Imported Warmbloods, Ponies or Off the Track TB's
  • ​Ages 11 to 70, we've seen and helped them all

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Sticky Butt Bootcamp (Online Course + Coaching)

Level 1 & 2 (Forest + Mint Green)

Our 6 Week Sticky Butt Bootcamp is where you go to: Master mindset and confidence building. Develop your rider balance, get a deeper seat, independent leg and rein, and get a solid foundation. Although this is for Level 1 & 2, we recommend ALL riders START HERE FIRST. Because you need to be able to help yourself before you can help your horse.

5 Day Steady Leg Virtual Challenge

Level 1 (Forest Green)

Tired of losing your stirrups, riding in "chair seat," standing on your tippy toes and being unable to stop bouncing in the saddle? This introductory class will help you clarify your riding goals, find your seat bones and leg position and get some quick wins! This is a great place to start if you are new to the community and are looking for a taste of what we do.

Guided Audio Riding Lessons

Level 1 & 2 (Forest + Mint Green)

Level 3 & Level 4 (Navy + Arctic Blue)

Step-by-step riding instruction and fun exercises to do with your horse to spice up your rides. Listen and follow along to the guided audio riding instruction as you ride your horse and complete the different cross-training exercises. Also includes classroom theory and trouble-shooting tips and strategies as well as the chance for video evaluations, all without expensive coaching and trainer fees.

VIP Inner Circle Coaching Program

Looking for 1:1 coaching, video feedback on your riding videos, personalized coaching and an actual HUMAN BEING (not just an online course) to help you achieve your riding goals? If you've felt "stuck" in your riding or like you can't move up in levels no matter what you've tried in the past, book a FREE 1:1 strategy call with our team to find out an actionable training plan that might work for you and your horse's needs.

Personalized Coaching & Mentoring with FEI II Coach Krystal Kelly

Level 3 & Level 4 (Navy + Arctic Blue)

Level 5 (Medallion Gold)

Apply for VIP coaching with Coach Krystal Kelly and get personalized lesson and training plans, jump in on calls, and get the support and mentorship you need to go to the next level. You will get regular video critiques and assessments as well as the opportunity to attend in-person training and events in Europe, the USA, the UK and more. 

Groundwork + Horsemanship Training

Speaking the Horse Language Online Course

Relationship Building & Gaining Trust & Confidence

Build a relationship with your horse with groundwork and in the saddle games & exercises. Get your spooky horse to have more trust and confidence in you. Understand horse psychology. Fix naughty behavior. 

Mindset & Psychology Training

21 Speakers - 3 Day Virtual Clinic

Mindset, Theory, Inspiration, Motivational

Looking for motivation, inspiration and techniques from a variety of world class trainers and coaches all from the comfort of your home? These speaker presentations from expert trainers, instructors, life coaches, riders, athletes, competitors, and educators will help give you a global outlook on horses, horsemanship and the importance of our mind, body and spirit. 

Speaking the Horse Language Book

Build a relationship with your horse by better understanding horse psychology. This book is a great starting point to horsemanship and is very complimentary to our online course. A quick read, this book is perfect for those who want things broken down in simple, easy to understand concepts. Available on Amazon Worldwide.


The Ambitious Equestrian Book + Audiobook


In this book we unlock why you've been feeling "stuck" in your riding and how you can use our simple method to break through the "Rider's Plateau" and skyrocket your transformation to become the rider your horse deserves! 

Open Ear Equestrian Wireless Headset


Looking for an easy way to listen to our audio lessons, music or hear your coach from across the arena & still be able to hear outside sounds? Connects with any phone via bluetooth without ear discomfort and fits perfectly with your helmet.


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