More Than Just  Riding Lessons:

"I will personally craft your lessons and training plans based on your needs. As a certified yoga teacher, FEI II Coach and Horse Trainer, I'll point you to the exact exercise (either in video form or our guided audio lessons) to help you on your path. If I don't have the video or audio lesson already created for that specific exercise I want you to do... I will MAKE IT. That's right, I'll film it or record the audio just for you. Let me be your 'Mr. Miyagi' and I'll help you reach your goals this year faster than you could have achieved it on your own!"
                                                                                                    -Coach Krystal Kelly

Video Critiques & Feedback
You'll get 1:1 coaching and feedback from each of the videos you upload into the private app. These videos can be slowed down with diagrams drawn on them while Krystal explains what happened where and how to correct it.
View other VIP Members Videos
We not only learn from watching feedback and videos of ourselves, but also from others. You'll be able to access other members videos and view Krystal's feedback of all VIP Coaching Students. 
Personalized Training Plans
You'll be given direction as to which lessons to focus on in your monthly calander to help you achieve your riding goals faster. You'll also have a private and group chat available to ask your questions any time.
Zoom Coaching Calls
We have regularly scheduled coaching calls every other week for you to jump in on and get the support, guidance and help you need. 
Access to ALL Our Online Course Material
Watch every training video we've EVER MADE, download any workbook, PDF printable or lesson plan and start filling it out and adding it to your training binder. 
Regular Rider Assessments & Certifications 
Get assessed and certified at YOUR correct level. Set your riding goals with your coach and create a customized plan and path towards moving up to the next level without the headache of trying to do it alone.
Instant Messaging with Your Coach
Ask your questions anytime and get the mentorship you need.
Personalized Audio Lessons
Don't have the specific Guided Audio Riding Lesson you're looking for? We will record custom audios to suit your goals and needs based on the training plans we curate for you.
The best way to stay accountable is to have a community of likeminded, goal-focused, driven equestrians in your corner. You will get to network with other VIP's and make friends for life!

Let me Help You Go From THIS


We will be working through the various levels according to my unique riding and training curriculum to help keep you on a clear path towards your goals. 

Due to the Extensive Time I spend with my VIP Inner Circle Students, We Currently Only Have 18 VIP Student Spaces Available.

Once submitting your application, we will be in touch soon if you are selected. 

Yoga: I'm Down, Dog
"I had never stepped on a yoga mat before Peru. Now I've gone on to love it, breathe it, live it, and even want to become a teacher someday! It all started with this retreat - a weekend I'll never forget.
-Sarah K, Previous Retreat Attendee

Fill out Your Application Form Below:

What sport are you interested in / current discipline are you and your horse?
Your Riding Goals for the next 1 year and next 5-10 years (short and long term):
Your Experience Level:
Why do you want to receive VIP coaching?
What would have needed to happen for you to feel like working together was a huge success? 
We have different levels of coaching to suit your needs. Do you see this being a purely online interaction? Are you interested in attending live retreats and events with Coach Krystal in Europe? Would you prefer to fly her to your facility (anywhere in the world) a couple times a year? Are you looking to have Krystal help you find your dream horse from Europe either to import or to keep in Europe to have a horse to ride with every visit? With that in mind, please share below how much money are you willing to invest for you and your horse's education and what you visualize being the ideal scenario to meet your needs.
What Value Do You Bring to the VIP Coaching Group?
Are you able to post regular videos of you riding to the VIP Coaching private app? *We recommend using a pivio camera or similar camera to ensure you can make regular videos.*
We require that all VIP Coaching Students give permission to share their videos with our other students or on our social media channels for the purpose of education. We believe its important to learn from our own feedback as much as it is from other's. By clicking YES below you agree to allow us to share your videos with our other coaching students.
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