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Never Ride alone again or suffer from Arena Boredom & Overwhelm. Sign Up for our Guided Audio Riding Lessons to Listen & Follow Along While You Ride

Hello, My name is Krystal Kelly.

There's over 40 million registered equestrians in the US alone, and yet somehow I'm currently the ONLY certified FEI II Show Jumping coach from the USA. (That means I'm the highest level coach from the United States with this certification.)

I am a firm believer in the importance of high quality riding lessons being accessible to all. 

That is why I know your going to LOVE THIS!
Growing up, I couldn't afford to take regular riding lesson, much less from a top rider or professional coach! I could only take lessons 2x's a month (every other weekend) and I was limited to low level "instructors" in my immediate area. But that ends now. During my 15 years traveling the world working with high level horses, riders and trainers on 5 continents and 20+ countries, I made a promise that I would help empower riders around the world and make high level riding lessons accessible to all.

High level riding lessons doesn't mean you have to be an advanced rider.

In fact, with this unique membership you will gain high quality instruction without the fear of the lessons being too "technical" or that you won't be able to follow along or progress.

With this audio riding lesson membership, riders of all levels and disciplines can come together in the spirit of improving with strategic lesson plans and exercises to take ANY HORSE from ZERO to HERO. 

So you can win ribbons, progress quickly, shave YEARS off your learning process, and get the step by step instruction you need to break bad habits and replace them with good ones. 

You'll develop your seat, develop rider balance, develop your horses balance, move up in levels and most importantly, you'll have fun with your horse. (Because really, isn't that the most important part?) 
Have you ever listened to a guided meditation, or perhaps a how to audio book? Well, now for the first time in history, you can ride to guided riding lessons.

With this unique, guided riding lessons sent straight to your phone each month, you can now have access to high level riding instruction at the push of a button. Simply listen with some earbuds while you ride, or hit play on your phone while it sits in your pocket or on the fence. 

With these guided riding lessons, you won't have to remind yourself over and over to correct your position or constantly have to look down at your horse to see "if it's working."

Allow yourself the luxury of relaxing and simply following along to the guided lesson without the stress of developing bad habits which take YEARS to undo. 

Never Feel Lost in Your Rides or Like Your Unable to Progress Again!

We have no problem cross-training ourselves. We jog one day, lift weights another and ride horses on the weekend! So why would we not cross train our horses?

I have worked with top horses and riders around the world in countless sports. I've trained high level show jumping horses and have also had the privilege to work with Olympic Eventers, Grand Prix Dressage horses, high goal polo ponies, WEG and Tevis endurance riders and more. 

That is why you will experience access to a variety of cross-training lessons and exercises that you might have missed out on otherwise!

Wish you had exercises you and your horse both enjoyed?

Here's Everything You Need to Accomplish your goals, win ribbons, progress 10x's faster & HAVE FUN WITH YOUR HORSE NOW

Each month we will upload 2 new audio lessons into our private podcast, so you can enjoy fresh lessons REGULARLY without the hassle of trying to come up with your own exercise ideas or lesson plans. During these audio lessons we will walk you through step by step what you need for the lesson and how to achieve success with the exercises no matter what level your horse is. 

For Every Discipline at Any Level

Beginner rider, Intermediate rider, advanced rider, English, Western, Jumper, Dressage Endurance rider, or Polo player... there is something in this program for everyone! That is because your coach, Krystal Kelly is an expert in a variety of disciplines and has worked with some of the top horses and riders around the world in countless sports. That is why you will experience access to a variety of cross-training lessons and exercises that you might have missed out on otherwise!

"Best horse riding lessons ever! No more dealing with low-level instructors in my area."

No more trying to coordinate a top riding instructor in your local area to drive or fly to your stables for high quality lessons. You can start improving TODAY and take professional lessons without scrambling to meet your instructors schedule or book their flights. 

What kind of riding lessons will I find inside?

  • Pole work and Jumping Exercises: Develop your rider balance, increase your horse's top line muscles and impulsion and have fun!
  • The Perfect Warm Up for your Horse: (beginner and advanced levels) 
  • Yoga for Horse Riders: For rider relaxation, balance and focus as well as flexibility and fitness
  • Dressage Exercises: Everyone needs a lot more dressage in their life, but the question for some of us is, how can we incorporate advanced dressage maneuvers while still having fun? Our dressage lessons are designed to be uniquely fun but at the same time serious training to develop your horse's balance and fitness and elegance as well as our own rider balance, timing and elegance! 
  • Endurance and Trail Riding Training: Hill training, fitness training for your horse, dressage exercises you can do on the trail, and more!
  • Fun Games: You don't need to be a kid in order to smile and laugh and have fun on your horse. That's why we've included fun games you can play to not only sneakily improve you and your horse's timing and coordination, but also bring you closer together as partners. Because isn't having a relationship with our horse really what it's all about?

Meet Your Coach

Krystal Kelly is the only FEI Level II Certified Show Jumping Coach from the USA (Currently the highest level Certified Coach out of the 40 million+ horse riding instructors in the United States). She is a best-selling author, public speaker, certified yoga teacher, award-winning equestrian videographer, and clinician specializing in horse & rider biomechanics

She left her home in California in 2010 to begin her life working internationally with horses and over the past 16 years has worked in 20+ countries on 5 continents with grand prix show jumping horses. She's coached thousands of students across the globe and has a passion for empowering equestrians to become world-class riders. 

Here's Everything You Get When You Sign Up TODAY

Unlimited Access to Our Riding Lessons

Ride any time, any where, no internet or cell signal needed. Listen on your phone in your pocket, with ear buds, or plug them into your portable speakers and let it play while sitting on the mounting block or with the arena speakers. 

Lesson Plan Templates

Instantly download, print and fill out our proven lesson plans so you can record and track your progress and your horses progress throughout the journey. (Value $37)

Riding Lesson Database

Get instant access to all our data-base of recorded lessons. Choose your favorite to start riding along with! With this you can start taking UNLIMITED lessons now while still getting new lessons added every month. (Value $997)

Access to the Community

Lifetime access to our private group of active equestrians on a similar journey as you! Share your wins, ask your questions, & get feedback from your coach. 
(Value $997)

WIN Your Lesson Requests

Each month you can submit your requests for lesson ideas and the winners will be selected to do a riding lesson audio based on their request. (Value $797)
Warwick Schiller
Your Biggest Trail Riding Mistakes
Natasha Althoff
How NOT to Get to Grand Prix
Gavin Chaplin
Secrets of High Goal Polo Players
Jessica Isbrecht
Dives into
Endurance Riding 101: 
Getting a Non-Arabian to 50 miles
Kelsey Gascon
Dives into
Trick Riding 101: 
Your First Tricks
Bernice Ende "Lady Long Rider"
How to Long Ride (For Dummies)

Let Me Show You EVERYTHING You Get When You Order Our Guided Audio Riding Lessons Today!

  • Bonus #1: Lesson Plan Templates
  • Bonus #2: Mastermind Community
  • Bonus #3: Speaker Presentations
  • Bonus #4: Win your lesson requests! 
(Value $50 / lesson)
(Value $37)
(Value $997)
(Value $997)
(Value $797)

Total Value: $2,828

Regular Price: $67 / month

Yours Today For

$27 monthly


$227 yearly (Save $97) *Best Value*

Frequently Asked Questions

 Do I need internet to do these audio lessons?
No! Simply download all the lessons onto your phone via our podcast player while you are at home and listen to them anywhere without internet. (Even on a trail ride!)
 Can my kids do these audio lessons?
Yes! These exercises and games are perfect for all ages. We've had students from 11 years old all the way to 66 years old participating! There is truly something for everyone. 
 How often can I do these lessons?
How many times a week do you plan to ride? Because you can do these lessons again and again, as often as you choose to. You have unlimited access to all our guided audio riding lessons during your membership.
 What experience level do I need?
Anyone from complete beginner to competitive, advanced rider can gain something from these lessons. Many of our lessons have different levels to choose from and also "progression exercises" to help you move up to the more challenging exercises. 
 How can I listen to these audio lessons? Does it really work better from horseback?
These lessons were designed to listen while riding, however you can choose to listen to the lessons however suits you best. You can listen in your car while driving or while folding laundry. You simply press the play button from your phone and enjoy. It's that easy. 
 Do I need headphones or earbuds in order to do these lessons?
No! You can choose to use earbuds while riding if that is your preference, however, many of our riders simply press play and either put the phone in their pocket so they can ride along with their horse, or set it on the fence post or on a mounting block in the corner of the arena. You can also plug your phone into the arena's speakers (or use your own portable speakers) to play the guided audio riding lessons so you do not have to use earbuds but can still get crisp sound quality even from a distance. 
 How do I download the audios onto my phone?
Once you sign up, you will be sent an email within 48 hours with a link to our private podcast. This podcast link is available on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher and more and can be played on various free podcast apps already installed on your phone. (Don't worry, you will be sent very clear instructions via email.) Without the link to our private podcast, you will not be able to find this podcast as it is a private podcast and only available to our members. Once you are a member you can subscribe with up to 2 devices so you will see anytime new riding lessons are added to the database.
How do I cancel my subscription?
Send an email to: 
 What results should I expect from these lessons?
What are your riding goals? Is it to have more rider balance? Or perhaps more balance for your horse? Maybe you are wanting guidance on what the correct aids are for different exercises or exercise ideas for fun games you can play with your horse to spice up your boring routine. Are you looking to improve your dressage or jumping? What about fun trail riding activities you can do with your horse? Or maybe your looking to focus on your timing and accuracy and coordination of aids or perfect your seat for the next upcoming horse show. Whatever your goals are, you will be amazed at how much faster you can achieve your desired results, simply by having a professional coach in your ear to guide you. 
 How does that work if your instructor can't see you to give feedback?
I've coached 1,000's of students around the world as an FEI II certified coach. I've coached every type of horse and rider combination out there in over 20+ countries and 5 continents and there's one thing I noticed... Many equestrians make very similar mistakes. The great news is these guided lessons are designed to have different options based on your experience level as well as "what to do if your horse does this..." troubleshooting and more importantly time at the end of the lessons to reflect on what went well / or what you struggled with and how to improve it for the next session. If you REALLY want feedback then our mastermind group (which you get access to as a bonus upon joining) is the space to share your videos and questions after your audio lessons so you can get more personalized feedback.
 What if I can't operate a phone and ride, will it be too distracting for me?
We don't want you riding and playing with your phone either! Many of our students hit the play button before they mount their horse and simply put their phone on a nearby mounting block or fence post (or plug it into the arena's speakers if you have one.) There's also no reason to fuss with your phone once you've hit the play button as the lessons guide you through the different exercises without you needing to do anything but ride!

Right Now You Have Two Choices

Option #1

Stay the same, keep spending thousands of dollars a month for high level, professional riding lessons or face the facts that you can just keep floating around the arena forever without proper guidance or instruction. (And improving as quickly as butter melts in Antarctica in Winter.)

Option #2

Enroll in our monthly membership, start your 7-day free trial today at no risk to you, and start getting the guidance, exercises and tools you need sent straight to your phone each month! Start winning ribbons, having fun with your horse and progressing as quickly as your horse drains your bank account on new blankets, saddle pads and vet bills. 
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