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Building Confidence & Mastering the Power of the Mind: If you’re eager to start your riding transformation but need a little push and help with building back or regaining your confidence, my “Coffee Break Mindset Cleanse” course is specifically designed for you. You’ll learn my secret methods you can use each day whether you ride or not to help boost your confidence. I’ll teach you how to incorporate a simple and effective routine into your busy schedule WITHOUT wasting hours of your time with boring training videos. You can get instant access to these easy to follow exercises right now for just $37. Check YES to add this to your order now. (This offer is not available at ANY other time or place.)

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Here's some of what you will learn with this book...
  • Why the information you're finding online is so confusing... (Page 4)
  • ​How modern equestrians try to fix their problems (and why that doesn't work)... (Page 4)
  • What "Star Wars," "The Lord of the Rings" and Homer's "Odyssey" teaches equestrians about transforming their riding... (Page 7)
  • ​How to get from Point A to Point B the quickest and avoid dead ends, road blocks, wrong turns and missteps... (Page 9)
  • ​What the different riding training and coaching certifications mean and what to look out for in your instructors... (Page 13)
  • ​​A life lesson I learned at age 12 while at a horse summer camp that affected me in a HUGE way -- and how that relates to you and your horse... (Page 15)
  • ​What working in India with an old-school, retired Military Colonel taught me about riding that I'll never forget... (Page 18)
  • ​The misconceptions you've been telling yourself this whole time... (Page 21)
  • ​Breaking Bad Habits (and why its so darn difficult to do!)... (Page 22)
  • ​​A secret from an Olympic rider in Belgium... (Page 26)
  • ​The Day My Show Jumping Career Nearly Died... (Page 27)
  • ​What is the "Rider's Plateau" and how does it affect your ability to progress... (Page 38)
  • ​​The 3 Core Riding Pillars every equestrian needs to succeed... (Page 39)
  • ​How to avoid these common pitfalls and keep things simple... (Page 48)
  • ​​The 2 Phases of your riding transformation and how it impacts your training plan... (Page 50)
  • ​​...and so much more!
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