Attention mature riders who still have the urge to compete! FREE Webclass reveals... 
How to Become a World Class, Ribbon Winning Rider (Who Never Worries About Falling Off & Getting Injured) with the Proven "Sticky Butt Method"

Get "Sticky Butt" Superpowers!

Hosted By:

Coach Krystal Kelly
Certified FEI II Coach, Best Selling Author, Award Winning Equestrian Film Director, YouTuber, Podcaster & Clinician
You Will Learn...
There are 3 secrets not available to the public which only the PRO'S seem to know which I will be covering during this free web class. 
Secret #1 - How to stick to your horse through anything without the fear of falling off and getting injured
Secret #2 - How to become olympic level confident without downgrading to a beginners lesson horse
Secret #3 - How to be a world class rider even if you’re not “built for riding”
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