Meet Coach Krystal Kelly from California

Coach Krystal left the USA in 2010 to pursue her dreams of working internationally with Olympic and Grand Prix Show Jumpers. She was 21 years old when she boarded the plane and already certified in a number of equestrian related skills such as a certified trainer, coach, and experienced show jumper.

Krystal's first international job working at an Olympic yard in Belgium was her first taste at what it was like to work with some of the best in the world. She became addicted to traveling the world working for the best horse riding coaches, trainers and show jumpers in the world and ended up working in more than 20 different countries and 5 continents over the course of the next 13 years.

She has a passion for adventure which is how she crossed a few bucket list items off her list such as:

  • Completing a 1,000 km horse race in Mongolia (The Toughest and Longest Horse Race in the World.)
  • ​Starting the ONLY horse riding club in the country of Bhutan.
  • ​Implementing her own riding curriculum at several start up stables in India where she brought in architects to design top notch facilities, encouraged males to accept female athletes into the sport and trained the staff, competition horses and clients.

Her passion for raising the standards in the equestrian sports has led her to develop her own coaching and rider training curriculum which is how The International Equestrian LLC was born.

She started her company in 2021 during the pandemic and went all in as a virtual coach. She now has several extremely popular and successful virtual coaching programs where she takes her clients through step by step training plans and gives regular critiques on their riding videos. Her speciality that really separates her from the rest of the online equestrian space is her 1:1 coaching, her unique training methods focusing on biomechanics and a system and training plan for her clients to follow to get results fast.

If you are interested in applying for one of her coaching programs feel free to do so here.

Meet Christian from Germany

Christian started riding horses only 6 years ago when he first started dating Coach Krystal, but you wouldn't guess it! His passion and love of all things horses has made him a true inspiration for many of our members. You'll see him regularly in our various coaching programs and courses riding his own mare, Q (an OTTB.)

His positivity is like a ray of sunshine and because he's a newer rider working towards his own riding goals, he is a great person to watch and learn from as he tries all these same lessons and exercises you are also experiencing.

You can find interesting interviews with him and listen to his inspiring story inside our "Classroom Theory" section of this App.

Christian is currently one of our demonstration riders as well as the Momentum Coach for all our members inside our Riding Masters Academy, Polework Intensive & VIP Inner Circle.

Christian & Coach Krystal have just celebrated their 6 year wedding anniversary at their beautiful home in Spain on a lovely trail ride with their horses.

Meet Zefira

Zefira is a 5 Year old warmblood and currently in training with me for the upcoming FEI International Circuit here in Spain where we live. I bought Zefira less than 1 year ago when she was 4 years old. My goals with Zefira is to get her to the 1.20-1.30m competition height and from there see if she has what it takes to go Grand Prix! Zefira was already successfully competing at the 1 meter classes when I purchased her and this will be an exciting first year for her in the show ring with me.

Zefira is my demonstration horse for all of my members participating in my various coaching programs such as my Sticky Butt Bootcamp, Riding Masters Academy, Polework Intensive & my Exclusive VIP Inner Circle.

I love using Zefira for my demo videos because she's young and not perfect! Remember in your own journey, it's not about being PERFECT. It's about trying your best, having fun and learning and improving along the way. As long as you never give up, you will succeed!

My intention is for Zefira to be available to hire for many of my USA and international clients who want to experience a horse riding vacation unlike any other... competiting in real FEI Competitions here in Europe on a lovely horse like her! If you're interested in hiring Zefira for a week or two (or even a month) and competing here in Spain on an International Tour with some of the best, feel free to reach out to my team to see if you qualify.

Meet Q

Q Twenty Girl is an off-the-track-thoroughbred and the love of Christian's life. Q was an unhappy racehorse and didn't like people very much after her career as a failed racehorse where she came dead last in every race.

Since Christian and Q found each other in England over 6 years ago Q has come alive. She carried Christian across Ireland on their 2 month adventure from the South to the North (riding over 450 miles in the process!). Q has now traveled with Christian and her sister from another mister, Lilly to 5 different countries. Q makes frequent appearances with Christian in our demonstration videos and throughout our various coaching programs. She is an invaluable member of our team and a total cuddle-bug.

No matter how many countries we travel, Q has always been the QUEEN in every herd (that's probably what the Q really stands for!) Her queenly attitude makes for a challenging and interesting ride for Christian. Luckily he has experience with queenly, strong women (if you haven't noticed, Coach Krystal is a bit of a force of nature!) which is why these two make such a great team.

Meet Lilly

When Coach Krystal and her husband Christian were moving to England in 2017 they found a horse to buy before they found a townhouse!

That horse was the adorable part-arabian mare, Lilly. At the time, Christian was nervous around horses but also very interested to learn. Krystal began teaching Christian everything "horse" and soon Lilly wiggled her way into their hearts.

Lilly is an adventurous spirit. She is a competitive horse and refuses to come in 2nd place no matter what she does. She played polo with Coach Krystal, competed in Endurance, won the season show jumping championship for her division her first time ever jumping and carried Coach Krystal 450 miles across Ireland on their 2 month adventure.

Lilly's small but mighty package means she will never be a professional show jumper (don't tell her that) but she is loved all the same. Lilly can be seen in some demonstration videos from time to time and is enjoying her life as a fun horse at her home in Spain with her sister from another mister, Q and her new companion Zefira.

Our Beautiful Home in Spain

It has been a dream come true for both Coach Krystal and Christian to find a home and stable in beautiful Spain. They purchased their private show jumping stable in 2022 and their horses settled in straight away.

When Coach Krystal bought Zefira, shortly after moving in (as you do) Zefira spent the first week at her new home staring at the mountains. To this day she still only eats her feed facing the view!

Our beaufiul finca includes a riding arena, stables, tack room and 12 acres of land for the horses to graze and roam in the mountains. You will see their stunning views from the arena in nearly every video.

Although this stable is their private show jumping yard and home, (and a lot of big changes and improvements to the facilities are in the works) this facility is open to a select few lucky riders who are members of Coach Krystal's various coaching programs.

If you are interested in taking a few in person lessons from her, would love to attend one of her retreats or workshops or are interested in possibly purchasing a show jumping horse from Europe and need help with the process please contact our team here:


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